Prohibitions: unintended consequences

30 April 2020

The bans on cigarette and alcohol sales have dramatically boosted the fortunes of criminal syndicates and even seen gangs expanding their activities into these markets as their regular criminal activities have been disrupted by the lockdown. This was the view shared with attendants at the Illicit Trade webinar organised by Business Against Crime South Africa […]

Alcohol industry during lockdown

28 April 2020

The sale of alcohol remains banned during the lockdown. A virus like COVID-19 no doubt requires novel approaches to limiting its spread. Governments the world over have been caught unawares by this virus and its implications for its people and economies. While South Africa has seemingly done some good work in terms of immediate action […]

BLSA Cost of Illicit Trade – Webinar Invite

25 April 2020

Join Us! Unpacking the impact of illicit trade on the South African economy during Covid-19. RSVP:

Spotlight on illicit trade amid Lockdown

17 April 2020

The prohibition of goods of any kind is fertile ground for illicit trade. The illicit trade of tobacco goods has long been a problem in South Africa and while it needs more attention from lawmakers, we need to question how much more profitable this illicit trading is becoming during the COVID-19 lockdown. How does banning […]

SAPS, E2 and Memeza Partnership makes another breakthrough in Educational ICT Theft

26 March 2020

The eyes and ears initiative (E2) which is an official joint crime-fighting initiative between the South African Police Service (SAPS), Business Against Crime South Africa (BACSA) and the Private Security Industry (PSI) has seen taking big strides in its aggressive approach to fighting crime in this country. The success of E2 has been witnessed through […]

We must stamp out illicit trade to boost the fiscus

16 March 2020

The fiscus loses millions each day because of illicit trade. Sars can’t tackle this problem alone: it is up to all citizens to play their part. Our fiscal constraints couldn’t have been more plainly laid out than in the budget speech by Finance Minister Tito Mboweni last month. With the budget deficit seen widening and […]

South Africa losing R250m a day because of illicit trade – BLSA

11 March 2020

Illicit trade is one of the biggest contributors to the strain that South Africa’s fiscus is currently experiencing, as the country is losing about R250-million a day in tax revenue as a direct result of illicit trade. Illicit trade is defined as the production, import, export, purchase, sale or possession of goods failing to comply […]

Illegal vehicle imports may seem cheap for you, but they cost SA dearly

22 January 2020

By Tebele Luthuli Cheap as they may be to a South African consumer that has been struggling under the weight of an under-performing economy for the better part of five years, the illegal import of vehicles from places as far as Japan, China and Singapore will prove more expensive in the end to the country […]

Business becomes the eyes and ears of the law

05 December 2019

ON THURSDAY 31 October the National Commissioner of police, Lt Gen Khehla Sithole, signed an agreement with the Managing Director of Business Against Crime South Africa, Ms Tebele Luthuli to deploy the Eyes and Ears Initiative (E2) nationally. The Eyes and Ears Initiative (E2) is an official joint crime fighting initiative between the South African […]

Deloitte risk conference panel unpacks South Africa’s governance challenges

03 October 2019

In light of widespread corruption, State capture and general organisational failures in South Africa, consultancy Deloitte this year themed its annual risk conference “The State of Governance and Ethical Leadership”. The conference, held on Thursday, highlighted what was needed from corporate citizens to help reverse the “tide of destruction that has hit South Africa”, said […]