One of Government’s primary strategic partners in leveraging a substantial and sustainable reduction in crime, to enable a safe and secure South Africa.


To support government to rapidly and substantially reduce the levels of crime in South Africa through:

- Gaining a deep level of understanding of crime in the country and contributing towards government’s overarching strategic objectives & priorities;

- Deploying and transferring appropriate business skills to facilitate the enduring enhancement of structures, organization, systems and processes in the relevant Government departments;

- Assisting government to implement a carefully defined portfolio of projects that measurably improve the Criminal Justice System (CJS) performance and institutionalize best practices;

- Transfer of appropriate business and process skills relating to governance, management and leadership;

- Mobilizing businesses to enhance practices to prevent and combat crime.


BACSA’s existence is dependent on the continued commitment and support of the business community and government. It focuses on:

- Partnering with government, when invited, by helping build capacity through sharing business expertise, information, processes and technologies; and

- Getting business’ own house in order by improving crime prevention processes, systems and measures.

BACSA is committed to:

- Leveraging the skills and resources within business and mobilising anti-crime initiatives in defined areas of need;

- Being a catalyst for change and a vehicle for improvement – providing tangible value and meaningful impact to the fight against crime; and

- Achieving meaningful and sustainable improvement in the national anti-crime effort, resulting in a safe environment for all.