1. Objectives of the CJSR

Business Against Crime South Africa (BACSA) is a strategic partner of Government in seeking the improvement of the Criminal Justice System (CJS) in order to ensure that the citizens of the country are and feel safe. In doing so we contribute to the realisation of the objectives of the National Development Plan (NDP). By involving business through the provision of business skills we partner with Government to achieve the following objectives:

  • Alignment through a single vision and mission for the CJS leading to a single set of objectives, plans, priorities and performance measurement targets for the CJS.
  • Legislation and protocols to facilitate the integration of CJS activities, interventions and processes.
  • Practical short and medium term proposals to improve the all-round performance of courts.
  • Improved component parts of the CJS with a focus on areas with serious shortcomings.
  • Provision of an integrated and seamless National CJS Information System to facilitate more informed strategies, plans and decision-making as well as to facilitate better day- to-day operational management.
  • Provision of technology solutions aimed at modernising operations, reducing costs and eliminating waste.
  •  Involvement of the population at large in the fight against crime.

2. The Expected Outcomes

The following outcomes of this programme are expected:

  • An effective and efficient CJS where all components integrate seamlessly from a business process and information exchange perspective.
  • A integrated and seamless CJS will serve as a deterrent to crime;
  • Public trust in the CJS will be restored.
  • An improved CJS contributing to the community’s and Business’ feeling of safety.