Improve service delivery and decrease corruption at offices operating under the National Road Traffic Act.

Problem statement

The public experience frustration at licensing offices due to unprofessional, uninformed officials. Crime is facilitated by corrupt practices due to inefficient controls.


– Improve customer experience at vehicle licence offices, testing stations and driving licence testing centres
– Inform the public regarding the compliant way to do business with these offices
– Implement a quality management system to manage customer complaints
– Implement processed to effectively address identified criminal activity
– Implement an objective efficiency management system
– Decrease the opportunities for fraud through the introduction of effective controls (cash, blank face values, filing, communication)
– Add value to the Department of Transport Minimum Service Delivery Standard


– Resistance to change from officers
– Physical presence of syndicates at licence offices
– Delay in decisions from State departments
– IT development capacity at eNaTIS


TETA funds the project for R5,1 million to February 2017.

Exit Strategy

BACSA will stay involved with the continuous improvement of licence office services.